Reckeen Lite ®

Reckeen Lite system enables you to produce professional TV programs in real-time.
Reckeen Lite ®

Perfect broadcasting solution for professionals and beginners
We invite you to a world of new possibilities: with our solutions your video content will be unique and professional, and its creation process easy and fun.
Thanks to many years of our experience in designing and developing solutions for video production and processing market, we can present you with a virtual studio system that will meet your highest expectations – enjoy RECKEEN LITE.

RECKEEN LITE has been created as a technology that combines the quality of high-budget solutions with the ease of use. It allows you to realize professional video materials in a virtual studio, with various types of stage design. What’s more, it is an excellent marketing tool and a platform for creative people to express themselves.
RECKEEN LITE system is based on a green screen technology placing the presenter in a virtual space. Additionally, it enables incorporating a video footage as well as static graphic materials into a „virtual scene”.

It is a comprehensive tool supporting not only visual solutions, but also sound editing and, most of all, broadcasting in a streaming mode.

In a nutshell – RECKEEN LITE is a complete and user-friendly system for starting your own virtual studio based online TV channel with no lesser quality than the ones known from popular TV programs or Internet portals.

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