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Your business we do it your way !

4K Virtual 3D Studio and MVP 100 4K scaler & SWITCHER for the first time in a rental program.

Reckeen Rental is a service created to promote the Reckeen® brand. The final customer, to whom we give the opportunity to rent our products, is the center of our attention in this service. As a result, our clients can carry out their productions and – in the same time – test the equipment and familiarize themselves with its functionality.

And that at a favorable price, without any obligations!

This service depends on our partners and resellers, who receive very favorable conditions for commencing their cooperation with us along with full support in the course of its duration!

Invest 1,999€ in refundable deposit and receive equipment of the MSRP over 20,000€. Let’s earn together!

We care for our resellers as they are as important to us as the customers. We are looking for active resellers who can immediately make our products available for testing or renting when encouraging clients to carry out their projects or to make a purchase decision.


If our final customer rents the equipment – you earn, you also earn when they decide to buy it, each time you receive a commission

Our responsibilities

Maintaining the service and your account.
Free support.
Free upgrade.
Free service.

Starting cooperation

Send us your application, providing your data and detailed information about your business in order to conclude a contract with us.
Contact us at:
The contract is signed for 5 months with a possibility of renewal.

Equipment value
You receive an equipment of the replacement value of 5,980€ from us! The equipment in the Rental version remains Reckeen property.

MSRP value of these products is over
The set you get from us contains:

3D Studio Pro & Lite

Contract renewal or extension

We can extend contract for another 5 months on your request. On renewal, you can acquire an additional license to your devices. The whole will be managed from your account.

Your responsibilities

At the conclusion of the contract you agree to:

Pay a refundable deposit of 1,999€ and cover the shipping costs.
Own a PC – specifications stated in the contract.
Experience and learn about our products, e.g. by watching video tutorial.
Take care of the equipment provided by us and its return at the end of the agreement.
Insure the equipment – in case of equipment’s theft or destruction you agree to repay the full the replacement value.

Your account

ITEM Day rate Weekly Rate

MVP 100 4K switcher & scaler 30.00€ per day 98.00€ per week
4K Virtual 3D Studio & Lite 100.00€ per day 300.00€ per week

Settlement takes place at monthly intervals after signing the contract in accordance with the state of operations on your account .
If there is no rent in a given month – we charge a fee of 100€ which is subtracted from your deposit. We do not charge this fee if one of your customers buy at least one of our products in a given month. You set the rental price to the end customer.

Promotion DISCOUNT

If your customer provide us the right to publish 1 minute video created with Reckeen® system – you and your customer are entitled to a discount.
The available materials will be used to promote only Reckeen® products.

Contract termination

If our contract does not bring you benefits, you can terminate it at any time. We return your deposit minus a monthly subscription and any costs associated with damage not resulting from equipment’s use.

For more information
Contact us:

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