Reckeen Features in 1.3 version

The list of the most important new features in 1.3 version of the Reckeen system along with their short description. The more detailed information can be found in documentation and tutorial videos:

Automatic firmware (VirtuMega hardware) update

This feature allows us to update the firmware on the user’s device automatically.

On the Startup Screen, the user will be notified that the newest version of software is available and, after it is downloaded, hardware will be detected and firmware updated if necessary.

Auto keyboard update

A similar function like in the VirtuMega hardware, which checks and auto-updates firmware for the connected VK-100 keyboard.

Full integration with VK-100

The new version supports all the keyboard functions (joystick, t-bar, …)

GPU performance measurement

We have added “Performance” button in 3D Editor which allows you to measure the current system performance (mainly GPU – graphics card performance).

This value depends on output video format, number of connected inputs, inputs’ format, enabled keys, media format, etc.

Therefore, in order to check whether 3D Set and current configuration is not overloaded, it should be used with actual working configuration.

4K p25/30 support

We support 2x4K p25/p30/p2997 inputs/outputs and media up to p30.

In the current version 4K p50/p60 is not supported.

Input overload detection

As there are limits to PCI-e transfers, we cannot support all the possible input formats configurations.

There are some limits. If the connected input exceeds the limits, an “overload” icon we will displayed on the input preview.

We support throughput up to 4xFUllHD p60, which means, for example:
– 4 x HD p60 are supported
– 2 x 4K p30 are supported (4Kp30 = 2 x HDp60)
– 1 x 4Kp30 + 2 x HDp60…
– …

New Talent shadow and Talent’s automatic pinning to the floor

We have decided to prepare a dedicated shadow for the talent (different than the one for decorations), as problems with the Talent’s shadow had been encountered repeatedly.

We have added a possibility to render a kind of shape (spot/cross).

To use and test that feature, first you have to enable chroma key for the selected input, adjust it properly and then enable shadow for the scene and for the Talent object.

The input signal is analyzed and feet are detected to move the talent downwards to place the figure on the floor. There are 2 parameters, “Size” and “Shape”, in talent object properties and a global parameter to adjust the density of the talent’s shadow.

Audio Digital Box ADB 100 support

A dedicated audio mixer for external ADB hardware. It automatically detects the connected hardware and enables new inputs/outputs.

New content added

New 2D sets, 3D sets, 2D 4K sets, Wizard projects, videos, pictures, ….

Stability & optimization

We have fixed many bugs and improved the system’s quality and stability.

Import/Export of a streaming profile to FMLE file format (XML based format used by Adobe Encoder)


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