Reckeen 3D ® System Features


Tally output allows you to connect the LEDs signaling the active camera operation on the studio set.


NewTek’s innovative Network Device Interface technology, is a royalty free standard enabling IP video workflows across Ethernet networks and represents the most prolific IP-based workflow in the industry.

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You can create 3D objects you want to place in the virtual studio scenography in MS Paint 3D editor, that you get preinstalled with RECKEEN 3D Studio.


You can launch the application in 2 different color schemes: light or dark


Production Switcher works like an actual switcher, it supports up to 12 media sources for the program and for the preview.


Up to two 4K camcordes or up to four Full HD (4x HDMI or 2xHDMI and 2x SDI – depending on the version)


Up to 1080P Full HD 3G , 2x SDI


Up to 2160P 30 or Full HD

2x DSK

DSK allows you to place additional overlays on the screen, such as news tickers, station’s logo, or other graphic panels.

3D Studio Editor

3D Studio Editor allows you to modify and expand the ready-made virtual studio projects – including those you’ve created yourself in the Wizard.

3D Wizard

You can create your own set design in five steps.


Still editor is an additional module for creating text panels, complementary to the 3D & Lite production module.

Import from 3D

RECKEEN 3D Studio system supports .OBJ and .FBX formats, and it is in compliance with them.


PBR (Physical Based Rendering) – scenography, architecture or equipment elements visible on the screen reflect properties of their real-world counterparts.


RECKEEN 3D Studio system’s engine renders talent / presenter’s shadows in real-time.


For each item of equipment, RECKEEN 3D Studio system’s engine renders shadows in real-time.


You can find the following types of lights in RECKEEN 3D Studio: Ambient, Directional, Point and Spot.


RECKEEN 3D Studio system renders real-time reflections from flat glossy surfaces. These reflections change in accordance with altering position of the virtual camera.

Chroma Key

RECKEEN 3D Studio & Lite offers 3 types of keys (Chroma key, Simple chroma key and Luma key), you can enable up to four keys at the same time!

Audio Control

RECKEEN 3D Studio & Lite comes with a sound mixer that allows you to set the sound levels for each of the available inputs.

Mic in

RECKEEN 3D Studio & Lite system supports two types of microphones – dynamic and condenser with + 48V phantom.

Audio link

External connector allowing you to connect additional audio input / output.


Thanks to CAPTURE function you can record to a file on your hard drive.

Online shop

Under construction

Object library

The 3D Editor and Wizard Editor’s library contains a huge number of ready-made 3D studio components and equipment divided into different categories.


In addition to the available previews of the prepared video material (PRV) and of the broadcast (PRG), Multiview enables you to configure and preview all the media from the media tray, which can be accessed on a separate monitor.

Single view

You can carry out production using a single monitor. It is recommended to distribute the Single view into 3 different monitors connected to the Reckeen system.

Global illum

Ambient – a type of light that fills an entire studio and illuminates all the objects evenly. Ambient light does not come from any particular direction and it falls on all the elements of 3D scene, helping you lighten or darken them

Audio follow

This feature allows you to mute the sound of a chosen channel up until a video signal associated with the given sound source appears on the vision.


Reckeen system supports basic transitions such as: Cut , Fade and FTB – Fade to Black.


Reckeen system allows you to select one of four virtual cameras (virtual cameramen) and save up to 15 virtual camera shots for each camera.


With advanced arranging features, Reckeen system allows you to create in real time fully realistic 3D scenes with elements that reflect their real-world counterparts’ behavior.


The Reckeen system can be fully operated with a PC keyboard and a mouse.


The application uses the H.264 codec to compress and encode video sequences


4K technology is a new standard for video images.
In combination with excellent sound quality, picture 4K becomes a source of extremely realistic experience.
The Reckeen system allows you to work in 4K resolution.
This means operating the system’s up to two inputs and output in 2160p format, i.e. with a resolution of 3840×2160.
The chroma and luma key also work in 4K format.
You can choose from among 3 progressive scan operating modes, that is full frame frequency: p25, p29,97 and p30.

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