Reckeen 3D Studio PRO

4 x SDI and Genlock
Reckeen 3D Studio PRO is supported by a very strong hardware platform on which products such as MVP-100 are based. In the first version of firmware, this new platform will extend the capabilities with such features: inputs will support 4 x 3G SDI, 2 X 12G SDI, outputs will support 4 x 3G SDI and 2 x 12G SDI, Independent Program Out will be available on the HDMI output, and the new platform will also support Genlock REF in and Loop.

In the future, depending on the market demand, we plan to increase the number of inputs to 8 x SDI and additional 2 x HDMI v2.0 inputs. As for the outputs of the hardware capabilities, it will be extended to up to 8 x SDI and 2 x HDMI.

The platform is connected to a workstation via the IPass PCI express standard. IPass standard offers a full interconnect system that enables flexible speed and supports Reckeen 3D Studio applications.


Regarding analogue and digital audio, the new platform supports Audio Link interfaces, through which you can connect ADB-100. The use of RJ45 cable and Audio Link technology enables transferring all inputs and outputs stream to greater distances (with a single RJ45 cable). That is why this device can be placed either directly in a studio or on a stage, which enables a user to separate a recording studio from a closed and acoustically isolated control room in which Reckeen 3D Studio Pro platform is installed. The sound transferred digitally from ADB-100 device through RJ 45 connector maintains the highest quality.


Our extended version of Reckeen 3D studio – Reckeen 3D Studio PRO, will be the strongest version by far and it is dedicated to professional broadcasting market. Reckeen 3D Studio PRO will be available from May 2019.

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