Reckeen 3D Studio and NDI CG and DSK

CG Generator NDI

DSK functions are placed in the area on the right side of the vision mixer. The Switcher allows you to decide which source or which image from the inside of a virtual studio V/C is aired. However, no program can go without graphics and text panels. They are put into the broadcasted signal in the final step, on separate layers, in the form of overlays on the main signal. They are commonly referred to as DSK (Downstream Key)
Usually, panels with captions, still graphics or short computer animations are used on DSK layers. For their preparation, video formats or graphic files with a definition of transparency (i.e. alpha channel/ alpha) should be used. In the case where a signal from a camera is used as DSK, it should be connected with keying. The Reckeen 3D Studio system is equipped to support NDI sources as 2 x DSK inputs. Thanks to that you can use your favourite application that generates text and graphics on your laptop and sent it via NDI direct to DSK in Reckeen 3D Studio.

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